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  • Create a Winning Content Marketing Strategy in 5 Simple Steps Posted 3 weeks ago
    Create a Winning Content Marketing Strategy in 5 Simple Steps   To create a winning content marketing strategy, you must take a look at what you have done in the past and assess why you didn’t reach your goal. When we meet with business owners along the Gulf Coast, we provide them with a free digital marketing consultation. We look at what they are currently doing that is working, not working, where they are, and where they can improve. Our team of digital marketing specialist will analyze current market trends and determine where they can best dominate their industry.  There is more to just posting on social media and paying for boosted ads on Facebook. It isn’t so much about the amount you post on Facebook anymore. By delivering the right content at the right audience, your opportunities are endless. Stop beating yourself up over not getting much engagement, or what little engagement is from a friend, family member, or co-worker. We’ve all heard the saying. “Content is king,” but the truth is not all content is created equal.  In this blog post, ...
  • Five Facebook Marketing Tips to Help Increase Engagement Posted 2 months ago
    Five Facebook Marketing Tips to Help Increase Engagement Facebook is continually using updating their algorithm to help their users see more relative content and less of what they don’t like. If you have a Facebook business page, you have probably noticed that it is more difficult to get engagement than it does on your personal Facebook page.   Why?  Facebook sees your business page as a business. Essentially, you’re a business so you should pay for exposure. Before you start running Facebook ads, try these 5 Facebook marketing tips:  1.Images Share images of real people. As a social network, people want to see people, especially people they know, like, and trust.  Lose the sales pitch. People are turned off by continuous product images.  2. Host Facebook Contests People want to win free swag, free product, or free/discounted services. Contests with the right prize will organically boost your traffic. You’ll increase your fan base, page likes, and grow your email list. You’ll increase your chances of going viral with the right product and right response.  3. Go LIVE! Facebook is very proud of this feature. It took quite a long ...
  • Three Effective Marketing Strategies for Your Business Posted 3 months ago
    Three Effective Marketing Strategies for Your Business There are many marketing strategies for anyone running a business or promoting a product. New and improved strategies may become global trends, however most will become a thing of the past before you even read about it. These three marketing strategies will help keep your business fresh and credible.    1. Content marketing Why content marketing? Content is king. Search engines love content. Content helps to spread the word about your business and your products. Customers are searching for what you offer online. Their search engine searches bring them to videos, blogs, and social media posts.  Videos, blogs, and social media gives you a platform to show your prospective customers how you can help solve their problem or issue. Hang up the idea of having to constantly pitch and start showing the world how you or your product are relevant to their needs.    2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Gain a better reach to your prospective customers with search engine optimization, known as SEO. Once you have produced your content, your next step is to make sure that it is ...
  • May Newsletter: How to Believe You're Extraordinary Posted 3 months ago
     Read Our May 2017 Newsletter to Believe in Being Extraordinary From this month's newsletter, learn: How to Believe in Being Extraordinary If the Surface Studio Is Worth the Money 9-Step Checklist for Data Security How to Market to Other Businesses on Social Media
  • BIS Designs Now Offers Mobile Development Posted 3 months ago
    BIS DESIGNS NOW OFFERS MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT Robertsdale, AL (April 11, 2017) –BIS Designs, experienced web design and digital marketing firm on the Gulf Coast, now offers mobile app development and management for local businesses. This new service allows organizations to better communicate with current clients while attracting new customers with state-of-the-art marketing. According to Flurry, mobile users spend 90% of their time in apps instead of the mobile web. By adding this service, BIS Designs will give customers a complete digital marketing approach from web design and search engine optimization to social media marketing and app development. With a mobile app, clients can push notifications to consumers. Plus, give users access to special discounts, events and loyalty programs. For certain businesses, it can even be a source of income by selling advertising on the app itself. “It’s always exciting to be able to offer our clients a professional and in-demand service for a fraction of the cost,” said Phillip Long, CEO of BIS Designs. “I think apps will revolutionize the way we do marketing and I can’t wait to see how it helps ...
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