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Pay-Per-Click marketing

If you are looking for a way to immediately increase traffic to your website, then pay-per-click marketing is a great strategy to use. Our SEO Specialist here at BIS Designs has the know-how to set up an effective PPC campaign to attract highly targeted visitors to your site.

benefits of PPC Marketing

PPC marketing is not a necessity like search engine optimization, but it's extremely helpful when you are trying to drive traffic to your website or a certain landing page in a short amount of time. With SEO, it can take weeks or even months for Google to index a page on your website and for it to show up in the results on a Google search. However, this does not mean that PPC marketing automatically indexes your website. It's just a way to bypass indexing and send potential customers to your site immediately.

Get Results Quickly

Reach a More Targeted Audience


Gain Advantage Over Competitors


Increase Local Visibility

Receive Measurable Results

Increase Brand Awareness

Can Pay-Per-Click Marketing Replace Search Engine Optimization?

No, PPC marketing only  helps SEO drive traffic to your website. A recent study found that organic searches received 94% of clicks on search engines and paid ads received 6%.  While PPC ads might appeal to those who are looking to buy right then, it will not attract the 94% of users who only click on the organic results. 

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