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What is pay-per-click marketing?

We understand that you want to see ranking results. We promise to deliver monthly reports that show hard data on your progress. When you have questions or new objectives, we'll be there and eager to help.

why do i need pay-per-click marketing?
PPC marketing is not a necessity like search engine optimization, but it's extremely helpful when you are trying to drive traffic to your website or a certain landing page in a short amount of time. With SEO, it can take weeks or even months for Google to index a page on your website and for it to show up in the results on a Google search. However, this does not mean that PPC marketing automatically indexes your website. It's just a way to bypass indexing and send potential customers to your site immediately.   


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Can Pay-Per-Click Marketing Replace Search Engine Optimization? 

No, PPC marketing only  helps SEO drive traffic to your website. A recent study found that organic searches received 94% of clicks on search engines and paid ads received 6%.  While PPC ads might appeal to those who are looking to buy right then, it will not attract the 94% of users who only click on the organic results.

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If you are looking for a way to immediately increase traffic to your website, then pay-per-click marketing is a great strategy to use. Our SEO Specialist here at BIS Designs has the know-how to set up an effective PPC campaign to attract highly targeted visitors to your site.  




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