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website design

At BIS Designs we are experts in web design, and we have the artistic skill to develop the professional look you want for your website. Whether or not you already have a corporate image, we enjoy creating a web presence that has a professional and yet unique touch.


Visitors will make immediate decisions about the value and integrity of your company or organization based upon their emotional reaction to the website design they encounter. This initial impression will then be reinforced or adjusted based on your how easy your site is to use, and how useful the content of your site is. First impressions count for a lot on the internet. With BIS Designs as your web designer, you can rest assured that your site will be of the highest quality. We take pride in our work, and we wish you to take equal pride in your presentation on the web.Our goal is to create a website that builds trust and loyalty among your users. We work with your organization to understand your business goals, and then develop a website that incorporates your preferences, our team's experience, and your users' needs.

our technology

We build our websites using the DotNetNuke (DNN) platform, which is the leading Web Content Management Platform for Microsoft.NET. The system is a full-featured web Content Management System (CMS) and application development framework which will allow our customers to easily create and maintain a customized, highly engaging web site.  

Ease of Use

DotNetNuke is very easy to use. Non-technical content contributors can add and maintain web pages in minutes and make changes to the site without waiting for a webmaster or designer. Content contributors will not require IT support for most website changes, so your ongoing operational costs are significantly less. Users have much more flexibility to keep the content on your web site fresh, which improves the experience of your site visitors and the site’s successful placement in Search Engines. 


Your website can be large or small, and can grow as much as needed over time without requiring a migration to a new content management system. The DotNetNuke platform can support an unlimited number of pages per website.


We understand that your website can be mission-critical. Therefore, we host your site in a secure hardened data center built to offer 99.999% uptime. We also protect your site with the latest security technologies: DDoS Protection, Malware Protection and Firewalls. For further peace of mind, we automatically store nightly backups so your company can always rollback to a clean site if necessary.



We will host your e-mail accounts along with your website.

  • E-mail spam filtering with Barracuda Spam Firewall
  • Hosted Exchange solutions
  • E-mail archival solutions
  • Webmail access to your e-mail account

e-commerce websites

Our shopping cart application is a powerful e-commerce storefront that allows you to quickly get your products online. It comes with a complete web-based administration that allows you to easily manage your inventory and handle incoming orders.

The look of your online store is custom designed to match your website or existing graphic profile.



Our store includes all the functionality you expect from a full-fledge e-commerce solution, including but not limited to:

  • Inventory Tracking
  • Wish List Functionality
  • Related Products Display
  • Discount Coupons
  • Advanced Search
  • Real-time shipping rate calculation
  • Product Options (colors, materials, etc)
  • Featured Products

Payment Processing

Our shopping cart can be set up with a range of payment processors, ranging from third party processors such as PayPal to a setup with a full merchant account using or a similar services.

mobile websites

As more and more people use their smartphone to access the web, it is getting increasingly important to have a website that will work well when viewed on a phone. This can be accomplished by building a mobile version of your website. Some things to take into consideration is load time, user experience, layout and usability.


Load Time

With the introduction of 4G, smartphone connections are getting faster and faster, but a majority of smartphone are still slower than a connection from a desktop or laptop. Users also are less likely to wait when accessing the web from a smartphone.


User Experience

Users usually have a different need and expectation when accessing your site form a smartphone. They are looking for fast important information such as contact information, location and services. 



The screen on a phone is obviously much smaller than a computer, and this poses some special problems. While technically most website can be displayed on a smartphone, they will likely be almost impossible to use on a small phone screen. 



The way you interface with a site on a smartphone is different from a desktop. There is no mouse or separate keyboard, and certain types of content will not display well on a phone. All this needs to be considered when building an effective mobile website. There are also special functions that are available on a phone, such as a 'click to call' button. 



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